Google Gravity Underwater Effect

Google Gravity Underwater / Water – Google Under Water Trick

You are familiar with Google Gravity, Google zero Gravity Tricks developed by Mr. Doob. He has developed three official Gravity effects. These effects become popular and programmer took interest to develop new similar kind Gravity effects. Google Gravity Underwater prank is kind effect which is not officially developed by Mr. Doob. Google under water effect is developed by one of the gravity effect enthusiastic person.

Lets understand what exactly Google Gravity Underwater effect is and why this trick gets so much appreciation?

Google Gravity Underwater Effect

In Google gravity trick, Google logo fall downward speedy. In Google Gravity Space, Google logo float because of no gravity. Now what happens in Google Gravity Water effect?

Google Gravity Underwater Effect

When you go to the link, you will see Google Logo is under water which is blue colored. Google logo and other button are placed in water. You are able to search anything using search box.So what will happen after searching something?

You will get same results. All the elements you have searched will be flown in water itself. Not a single element will flow on water.

You will also able to see Fishes are present in water.

Click here to see Google gravity underwater effect.

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